Winning. It’s fun!

7 things you need to know about Brittany:

1: I love monkeys! They are fabulous!

2: I love winning like the cookie monster loves making little children cry with treats that they’ll never be allowed to eat. Whether it’s a dance off, a wicked game of Boggle, or fighting off ninja assassins in a dark alley that always turns up at the most inopportune times. I’m pretty good at dancing except for tap, I don’t like words, and I always kick the assassin’s buttockses because I’m a not-so-secret-anymore ninja master.

3: I basically love pretty much all of the things, so I have to be careful what I spend my time on. I have a PS2 (yes, I am very proud of that and xbox sucks) that I no longer play because I have been told that I should sleep, eat and interact with something other than the virtual world. (I’m still not sold on the latter). I couldn’t sleep at 4:30 am in the morning times this morning time, which is most definitely when my mind is functioning at it’s maximum capacity, when I had the most brilliant of ideas! Why not start playing a new game on my iPad to help me get to sleep??. Not only did I play it for two hours without realizing it, but I was most definitely not winning almost all of the time.

4: I’m pretty sure I don’t like monkeys anymore which is so devastating that I might go to the bus stop to taunt the children. That might make me feel better.

7: In case you haven’t played Temple Run Oz, basically you’re in the land of Oz (Wizard of Oz in case you’re like me and didn’t catch on. Although I have an excuse because, like I said, it was 4:30 am in the morning times) and you’re running, jumping and sliding away from the flying monkeys while gathering coins. If you run into any of the obstacles the monkeys will catch you. I haven’t actually figured out what happens when you get to the end because I suck at this game.

7.5 (Which could also be interpreted as 8, but it’s not because I already counted to 7 and I don’t want to recount): It’s not my fault that I suck at Temple Run!!! I have a regular sized iPad and it’s really heavy and my hands get tired really quickly and I get double vision if I don’t sleep enough which I can’t help because I have insomnia and the monkeys cheat and the world is completely against me and it’s unfair and it’s a stupid game anyway so if it were my fault that I’m terrible (which it obviously is not) it doesn’t matter because you shouldn’t play the game because it’s dumb.

I really don’t like losing…

I think I’ll go see my ninja assassin friends so I can feel better about my life…

Image: © Biting Mom Damomz | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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